About Us

Woven Data, Inc. was founded in 2017, bringing together experts in the Pharma, Business Intelligence, and Technology fields. We provide market access managed services, analytics, and data integration solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers, delivered via a fully integrated cloud-based data and analytics platform. Our team prides ourselves on empowering clients to derive insights, make data-driven decisions, and maximize the value of their portfolio and commercial strategies throughout all phases of their product lifecycle. We are headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Executive Team


Sergei Krupenin is a Co-founder and CEO of Woven Data. Sergei finds joy in creating data-centric products and orchestrating business processes. Before Woven Data, he was building products at Twitter, and held Product, Marketing, and Engineering roles at a number of tech startups. Sergei earned his Masters Degrees in Management and Engineering from Stanford, and a BS from MIT.


Andrei Kolodovski is a Co-founder and Head of Analytics at Woven Data. Andrei is fond of Business Intelligence. Before Woven Data, he spent more than a few years wrestling data for Fortune 500 companies, by building Data Warehousing and Data Science solutions. Andrei holds an MBA from Stanford, and an MS from the Belarusian State University.


Scott Hoffman is a Co-founder and Head of Client Services at Woven Data. His expertise is in Pharma Market Access and Government Programs. Before co-founding the company, Scott was the VP of Market Access and Commercial Operations at Covis Pharma, and prior to there he worked with numerous manufacturers at CIS and Alliance Life Sciences. Scott earned his BS in Accounting from the Pennsylvania State University.